Speaker Cables | 音箱線 - Aurum Crystal | 晶采 SCP (3m)
Speaker Cables | 音箱線 - Aurum Crystal | 晶采 SCP (3m)

Speaker Cables | 音箱線 - Aurum Crystal | 晶采 SCP (3m)

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The Aurum Crystal SCP uses 6N mono-crystal gold-silver alloy as the main material, with various of PCOCCs and 4N SCOCCs twisted and braided together, and six layers of Aurum Foils for shielding and transmission purposes.
Compare to the best selling Aurum Notes SCP, the Aurum Crystal SCP has an extraordinary elegance, with excellent focus, ambiance, definition and detail.  The 3D sound stage this speaker cable pair provides is even wider, deeper and higher, especially the height.

若和最受歡迎的Aurum Notes音箱線相比, 除多了單晶金銀合金那獨有的音色和貴氣外, 聚焦力、控制力、泛音、微動態部大幅改善,3D音場的營造方面:上天落地,穿牆破壁的能力大增,尤其是音場的高度感的改善。

1. Additional Au Tech Golden Shielding for plugs + HKD 320;
2. All plugs and lengths can be changed upon request.  For initial burn-in service, kindly give us prior notice.  Since Aurum Foil contains special materials, the time requires for burn-in is relatively longer than ordinary cables.  The cable(s) will be approximately 70% burnt-in after 7 weeks;
3. Aurum Technologies handcraft cables take relatively longer time to craft due to their complex designs.  Time requires for production varies, depends on the complexity of a certain model, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete the entire production process of a model;
4. Custom cable orders are welcome, please contact us for details.
1. 插頭包黃金鍍膜 + HKD 320;
2. 插頭可按要求更換,長度亦可按要求訂製。如雖代煲線,請下單時先吩咐,由於黃金鍍膜 (Aurum Foil) 用料特殊,需以較長時間煲熟。代煲後有7成熟,為期7個星期;
3. Aurum Technologies手作線材結構複雜,製作需時。如沒現貨,按型號的結構複雜程度,所需的製作時間亦有不同,通常需2至3個星期的時間即可出貨;
4. 歡迎度身訂造線材,詳情請聯絡洽談。