Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)
Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)
Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)
Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)
Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)
Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)

Power Cord | 電源線 - AURUM A168 Crystal | 晶采 PWC (1.5m)

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AURUM A168 Crystal (晶采) PWC

The main material of the Aurum A168 Crystal PWC is the 6N mono-crystal gold-silver alloy, twisted and plaited with high quality PCOCC and silver plated PCOCC.  It uses 10 layers of Aurum Shielding for shielding and transmission.
It is one of the highest-grade power cord among the Aurum Reference Class Cables.  This 6N mono-crystal gold-silver alloy power cord has ultra-high transparency, yet the full-range frequency performance is kept balanced.  It is extraordinarily rich in definition and detail.  Marvelous ambience that is almost equal to Carnegie Hall.  Even the background noises of the soundtrack could be vividly revealed, taking the listener back to the recording scene.  Notably the massive 3D soundstage it creates, and it is especially suitable for piano soundtracks.
For TV monitors, it gives users more colourful and sharper pictures and remains natural, which its quality highly exceeds a well-known HKD 30k power cord.
It is recommended to be used on the main power extension/power conditioner, if you were to only use one in your system.

金采高端參考級電源線,A168電源線系列於參考級中的的頂級產品,全頻音色通透細緻、鮮明真實而不誇張,分析力極高、泛音特多 (好比Carnegie Hall)、超低更多一層,連錄音中的背景噪音亦被清晰顯露,3D音場的空間感特別龐大高聳;人聲鋼琴特別出。

AURUM A168 Crystal (晶采) SE PWC

Its main material is also 6N mono-crystal gold-silver alloy.  Compare to the original model, the A168 Crystal SE (Special Edition) Power Cord has the following upgrades:

  • Added mono-crystal silver-copper alloy into the core structure;
  • Added more silver plated PCOCC;
  • Improved Wisteria Trailing Network.

These upgrades further enhanced the performance at the overall frequency extensions.  Definition, details, "penetrating power" are also significantly improved, which brings you an advanced Aurum's "sound of elegance".

金采A168晶采SE電源線仍以6N單晶金銀合金為主軸,再將原版的單晶銅升級為單晶銀銅合金混編;內屏蔽 “藤蘿系甲網絡” 結構亦再進一步升級加強。

升級後的A168 Crystal SE電源線於全頻延伸與立體感、分析力、穿透力明顯加強,亦進一步突顯金采音響線材獨有的非凡貴氣。

1. Additional Au Tech Golden Shielding for plugs + HKD 720;
2. All plugs and lengths can be changed upon request.  For initial burn-in service, kindly give us prior notice.  Since Aurum Foil contains special materials, the time requires for burn-in is relatively longer than ordinary cables.  The cable(s) will be approximately 70% burnt-in after 7 weeks;
3. Aurum Technologies handcraft cables take relatively longer time to craft due to their complex designs.  Time requires for production varies, depends on the complexity of a certain model, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete the entire production process of a model;
4. Custom cable orders are welcome, please contact us for details.
1. 插頭包黃金鍍膜 + HKD 720;
2. 插頭可按要求更換,長度亦可按要求訂製。如雖代煲線,請下單時先吩咐,由於黃金鍍膜 (Aurum Foil) 用料特殊,需以較長時間煲熟。代煲後有7成熟,為期7個星期;
3. Aurum Technologies手作線材結構複雜,製作需時。如沒現貨,按型號的結構複雜程度,所需的製作時間亦有不同,通常需2至3個星期的時間即可出貨;
4. 歡迎度身訂造線材,詳情請聯絡洽談。