Interconnect Cables | 訊號線 - AURUM Crystal | 晶采 ICP (1.5m)
Interconnect Cables | 訊號線 - AURUM Crystal | 晶采 ICP (1.5m)

Interconnect Cables | 訊號線 - AURUM Crystal | 晶采 ICP (1.5m)

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With 6N mono-crystal gold-silver alloy as the main material for the cable, twisted and plaited with 4N SCOCC, various kinds of PCOCCs and other high-end materials, the AURUM Crystal ICP interconnect cable pair gives you gives you a transparent and lifelike sound effect, with ultra-high definition, detail, and ambience.  The 3D sound stage this cable pair creates is enormous, with even better ultra-low. 


1. Additional Au Tech Golden Shielding for plugs + HKD 880;
2. All plugs and lengths can be changed upon request.  For initial burn-in service, kindly give us prior notice.  Since Aurum Foil contains special materials, the time requires for burn-in is relatively longer than ordinary cables.  The cable(s) will be approximately 70% burnt-in after 7 weeks;
3. Aurum Technologies handcraft cables take relatively longer time to craft due to their complex designs.  Time requires for production varies, depends on the complexity of a certain model, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete the entire production process of a model;
4. Custom cable orders are welcome, please contact us for details.
1. 插頭包黃金鍍膜 + HKD 880
2. 插頭可按要求更換,長度亦可按要求訂製。如雖代煲線,請下單時先吩咐,由於黃金鍍膜 (Aurum Foil) 用料特殊,需以較長時間煲熟。代煲後有7成熟,為期7個星期;
3. Aurum Technologies手作線材結構複雜,製作需時。如沒現貨,按型號的結構複雜程度,所需的製作時間亦有不同,通常需2至3個星期的時間即可出貨;
4. 歡迎度身訂造線材,詳情請聯絡洽談。