About Us | 關於我們

Aurum Technologies (Au Tech) design and manufacture sophisticated handmade hi-tech Hi-fi cables since 1989 (Magic Link and SciTech), and provide expertise personal services in Hi Fi / AV field.
金采科技自1989年設計和製造手工精細的高科技Hi-fi線材 (Magic Link以及SciTech),並在Hi-fi / AV領域提供專業的個人化服務。
Our series of products include various types of Hi-fi cables, made only with the best quality materials, together with our exclusive technologies, “Aurum Shielding” (golden coatings) and “Wisteria Trailing Network” (passive frequency inductance wiring network).
Our innovations tangent away from the traditional approaches. When compared with other typical mass production audio cables in the market, our cables are technologically advanced in design, better in sound effects, and well worth their values.
In result, Aurum Technologies cables remarkably improve audio and visual performance.
我們的產品系列包括各種類型的Hi-fi線材,使用最優質的材料,加上我們的獨門技術 “金采黃金鍍膜屏蔽” 和 “藤蘿系甲網絡” 精製而成。

Aurum Technologies Brings You “The Sound of Magic”:

  1. Significant ultra-high to ultra-low frequencies extension. Notably the elegant tone of high frequency;
  2. Extreme transparency, with great ambience; enormous 3D sound stage with outstanding details, precision and definition;
  3. Distortion is minimized significantly by eliminating interferences, provide extra safety to your Hi-fi equipment during replay of music with wide dynamic range.


  1. 顯著的高低頻延伸,特別是超高至超低的改進。高頻高貴優雅;
  2. 極高的透明度,加上豐富的泛音及細節;宏大的3D音場,精確度和清晰度都有效提升;
  3. 通過消減干擾,從而顯著減少失真,並在播放大動態音樂時為Hi-fi設備提供額外的安全性。

      To prove RFI (Radio Frequency Interference 30-3GHz) causes IMD (intermodulation distortion), which affects the audio frequency range from 20-2kHz; also the shielding effectiveness and transmission stability of our cables that consist of Aurum Shielding and Wisteria Trailing Network, we have conducted numerous tests with different equipment.
      為證明射頻 (30-3GHz) 干擾對 20-20kHz 的影響和所引致的互調失真,和我們含金采黃金鍍膜屏蔽和藤籮系甲網絡的線材對此的平抑和屏蔽作用,用過不同儀器做了許多實驗,先用五萬美元的Audio Precision做頻譜測試,再用售價相若惠普和國產的射頻測試儀。

      Test results show that our cable with Aurum Shielding and Wisteria Trailing Network are highly effective against RFI and provide high stability at the same time.

      We also manufacture a series of Hi-fi accessories ranging from wooden tip-toes / stands, power conditioning sockets, and ground box, etc., and provide Hi-fi / AV equipment modification services.

      我們還製造了一系列Hi-fi配件,從木腳釘/木方,至電源處理插座到接地盒等。我們亦提供Hi-fi / AV設備魔改服務。