Interconnect Cables | 訊號線

We provide three of our interconnect cable models for your selection, all of them are made of Aurum Foils and PFIWN (Passive Frequency Inductance Wiring Network) structure.
Generally speaking, the higher the price of the Aurum Technologies cables, the better they perform at ultra ends of frequencies, size of the 3D sound stage (especially effective at replaying orchestra, live music, any other type of musics alike), details and definition, transparency, and ambience.

一般而言,我們的線材價格越高,它們於超高低頻段、3D音場的大小 (尤其是管弦樂、現場音樂或其他同類音樂)、細節和清晰度、透明度,和泛音越豐富越好。